Principles of Paleo

I’ve decided recently to start going towards a paleo diet. I know I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but I’ve been learning more and doing more towards it as time goes on. My sister-in-law’s sister has been on it for three weeks and has already lost 11 lbs, and that’s after eating clean for a few years!

What Is Paleo?

Paleo is short for paleolithic. The diet is also known as the caveman diet, the primal diet, or even the ancestral diet. It is basically a “back to the basics” diet. Our bodies are essentially identically to our hunter-gatherer ancestors, and since it takes so long for things to change significantly genetically in our bodies, we still process the same kinds of food best. That means that natural, raw, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, tubers, and meats are best for our bodies. Our ancestors didn’t have much, if any, dairy, legumes, or grains, and certainly none of the overly refined and processed stuff we have.

The Bad and Kinda Bad Stuff

Refined Foods

Refined foods are the sort of things you find in bags and boxes all up and down grocery store aisles. It is food that is processed, has all sorts of artificial ingredients and preservatives, is loaded with things like sugars (often disguised by different names), high fructose corn syrup, and preservatives, and which are consumed by Americans in alarming amounts every day. Many of these are so stripped nutritionally that they have to have vitamins added back in–that’s why you see things like “enriched flour” in the ingredient list. It is so bad for you that they legally have to add back in some nutrition so we don’t die of malnourishment as we stuff our faces.

What’s particularly horrible about this is that our bodies can’t digest most of these refined and process foods in the state they are in. Whole foods carry all of the vitamins, fiber, etc, necessary to digest them. If a food requires calcium to digest it, it contains enough calcium. They often carry extra vitamins and nutrients, in fact. But processed foods are so stripped that even the nutrients added back in don’t compensate for what was lost, so our body has to draw from its own resources to digest the food. If the food requires calcium to digest it, our body draws the calcium from–guess where?–our bones! These foods are health problems in a package.

That’s not to say that all foods that come in a box or wrap are bad. It just takes some discernment. A few, natural ingredients aren’t bad. Just read the label.

The Grain Verdict

The USDA food pyramid recommends grains to be the largest portion of food we eat every day. And frankly, a lot of Americans do that, and often not even whole grains. But get this–the USDA is a government department. The government subsidizes grain agriculture (that includes corn!). They profit from us eating lots of grains! Is it any wonder they grab at anything that says “grains are healthy” and shove it at us in their recommendations?

It is true that whole grains are better than the refined grains so many of us eat, and many people do maintain fairly good health with a moderate amount of whole grains in their diet, like in the eat clean diet. Whole grains like whole wheat, brown rice, and oats are more suited to our bodies than processed grains like white flour. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re great for our bodies, and for some people they’re downright bad. Look at gluten intolerance and other grain-related issues! A lot of people do best with grain moving much higher up the pyramid and being only whole grains, or disappearing altogether. You can replace your white or wheat flour with something like almond flour for baking.

The paleo recommends that grains disappear altogether, but the 80/20 rule (the rule that you will still get the benefits of the diet if you do it 80%, as long as the other 20% is mostly healthy still) allows for a little bit of whole grains if your body does alright with them.


Beans, beans, the magical fruit….! Okay, I’ll stop. I’m not talking about green beans when I say legumes, though. Green beans are…well, are they a fruit or vegetable? Don’t they have seeds in them, which would make them a fruit? Oh well, doesn’t matter. They’re not a legume. I’m talking about thinks like kidney beans, black beans, pinto beans, and lentils. Legumes are actually poisonous if eaten raw–I don’t think kill-you-if-you-eat-a-handful poisonous, but definitely something our paleolithic ancestors wouldn’t have eaten until they discovered that boiling the crap out of them made them not-poisonous and just gave them bad gas instead. They’re also not as good for us as many other food choices, and not as natural to our diet. It is another thing that might be part of your 20% in moderation, but which you should just avoid altogether if they bother you (such as if they give you indigestion) or if you want to be stricter paleo. Lentils are the best if you’re going to have legumes.

Dare to Eat Dairy?

Technically milk is a no-no, but many paleo eaters decide that cheese, yogurt, butter, sour cream, and heavy cream fall into a gray area that make them okay to use occasionally, especially if you get them from grass-fed and unpasteurized sources. These sources have little or no lactose left but the protein and fat remains, which is good. Grass-fed butter is great for cooking with. Some people say that raw milk is acceptable. Its okay to cut dairy out altogether too–the paleo purists would say you should.

Some people balk at reducing or cutting out dairy because they aren’t sure where else they’ll get their calcium and vitamin D. Okay, people. Seriously. Dairy is not always the best source for those vitamins–fruits, veggies, meat, and sunshine provide plenty, and often more than a glass of milk. Also, a diet based on those foods will help your body absorb nutrients better, which means you’ll get more of whatever calcium, vitamin D, and other good things that goes into your body. All the supplementation and dairy in the world won’t help you if your diet reduces or even prevents nutrient absorption.

How About…?

Chocolate? Dark chocolate that is mainly cocoa–so no Reeses, sorry–is okay to have sometimes.

Alcohol? A glass or two of beer or wine every day is alright. The occasional party out with friends won’t hurt, but moderation really is best.

Caffeine? A couple cups of coffee per day is fine. So is tea. Soda and energy drinks are a no-no.

The Good Stuff

Fruits and Veggies

Nom nom nom! Lots of these, of all sorts. Except potatoes. Those are so starchy they can be bad for you, especially if you’re already overweight. Try sweet potatoes or yams instead. Sweet potato fries fried up in bacon grease is…amazing!

Its best to get your fruits, veggies, tubers, berries, etc., local and organic if at all possible. Shipping a vegetable requires picking it early, when it hasn’t reached full ripeness and therefore hasn’t reached full nutrition value, and time it takes to ship it further reduces the nutrient value. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t eat fruits and veggies if you can only get them shipped and non-organic, its just to say that they’re better local and natural. Its also best to not overcook them or not cook them at all. Cooking fruits vegetables cooks away nutrients–when you boil the heck out of a vegetable it loses most of the vitamins it had. Raw or steamed preserves the most nutrients, but a bit of cooking or baking is okay. Its certainly better than no veggies.

Ideally, we’d all have a big garden and greenhouse of our own, but most of us don’t. A lot of health-foods store, farmers markets, and fruit stands carry local and organic.


Meat, meat, meat! The vegetarians and vegans are going to have a conniption!


Yeah, yeah, I’m mean. But its true. We are made to eat meat. For my fellow Bible-believers:

Genesis 9:3 Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.

Woohoo! We were made to eat meat! That makes happy omnivores like me, well, happy.

Really though, vegetarianism isn’t necessarily bad for you, but its not necessarily as good as its proclaimed to be. Meat is really the best source of protein–in fact, a lot of vegetarians protein sources (soy) increase the risk of breast cancer! Meat also has enzymes that help us fight disease, and provide some of the healthiest sources of good fats, which are essential for good brain function and *gasp* even decrease risk of breast cancer! This seems like a no-brainer to me. Vegetarians are quick to point out that they tend to be healthier and have less diseases than meat eaters, but I must ask…what kind of meat eaters? Are we talking the average American who eats whatever crap that passes for meat at a fast food restaurant, the kind that also eat lots of empty carbs and highly processed foods? The steak-and-potatoes followed by a bowl of ice cream people? The huge meat lovers pizza every week people? Because I’ve got to say, duh. Of course you’re healthier than they are. But how do you compare with people who are on diets like paleo and clean eating? I think we’d measure up favorably, if not better, than vegans and vegetarians.

Okay, back to meat, because its so good. Do you know what paleo allows? Bacon! Yep. The world is a better place now. Really, pretty much any meat is allowed. To reduce fat, eat more of the leaner meats (chicken, turkey, fish), get leaner cuts of meat, and trim off excess fat on your meat before cooking it. But fat really isn’t bad for you, so don’t run away from it–just don’t have excess. There’s nothing wrong with some lean ground beef, a nice pork chop, or a juicy chicken breast. Many people who eat paleo also go for thinks like bison, lamb, even rabbit. You can go hunting and fishing for your own meat too, of course–nothing wrong with some venison! The more hard core paleo people, like the lady at Cave Girl Eats ( even try other parts of the animal, like liver or tongue, but I’m not nearly that brave yet. Eggs are also grouped in with meat–they would have been a chicken if they’d hatched, after all. They can actually lower your bad cholesterol, so don’t be afraid of them.

When you buy meat at the store (try a health foods store), try to go with the healthier, natural meats. Grass-fed beef, free range chicken, wild-caught fish, etc. Most of the stuff you get at the grocery store is grain fed and even genetically altered, not to mention kept and cared for inhumanely. You may even be able to find a local farmer or butcher who will sell their meat, and local farmers often keep their animals a lot healthier and treat them more humanely. That’s good for the animals and for you and me!

The Other Stuff

Oils–try stuff like coconut oil for cooking. (Or grass-fed butter or leftover fat, like bacon fat.) Olive oil is alright, but oxidizes at a fairly low heat, so not necessarily best for cooking anything on the stove top. Many other cooking oils are bad for you.

Nuts–peanuts are not nuts, they are legumes. But other nuts are good in moderation.

Natural sweeteners–honey was probably enjoyed by our ancestors when they could get it. It was definitely enjoyed later on when people learned tricks like smoking out the bees and began beekeeping. It can even boost your immune system and has some antibiotic properties. Agave and real maple syrup are yummy and natural, but have a high GI index, so they’re really a treat to be enjoyed only sparingly.

My Fridge

Okay. I think that’s a good overview. Its taking me time to get to this way of eating–we have to get rid of all the bad stuff first, and I don’t like throwing stuff away. But its getting whittled away. I got rid of my legumes this weekend. We’re almost out of oatmeal. Our top ramen is running low. Our rice will take a bit longer, but that’s going too. Flour is taking its time to go too–I need to make stuff to take to work and let me coworkers that don’t care as much about it finish it off for me. I know, I’m horrible! But that’s okay. Its not like they won’t know what they’re eating, after all, and its better than wasting what I paid for! In the meantime, I’m shopping primarily for paleo foods and eating more of them (except the eggnog…just couldn’t pass it up!), so eventually there will be very little to no non-paleo foods in the house. I’ll keep you all updated with the journey!



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Cornelius Hunter, a software engineer / biologist with a Ph.D in bioinformatics from UIUC explains the latest discovery of biological convergence on his blog. (H/T Tweet from J. Warner Wallace)


The theory of evolution states that the species arose spontaneously, one from another via a pattern of common descent. This means the species should form an evolutionary tree, where species that share a recent common ancestor, such as two frog species, are highly similar, and species that share a distant common ancestor, such as humans and squids, are very different. But the species do not form such an evolutionary tree pattern. In fact this expectation has been violated so many times it is difficult to keep track. These violations are not rare or occasional anomalies, they are the rule. Entire volumes have been written on them. Many examples are the repeated designs found in what, according to evolution…

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Kitty Fiasco

As I said in my last post, Sharkbait got spayed last Wednesday. Well, I had to take her into the emergency vet yesterday. 😦

So here’s what happened. When I got her home Wednesday night, she was yanking at her stitches, so I had to get a cone for her. I was worried because the incision seemed more open than it should, like perhaps a stitch had been pulled or it hadn’t gotten as many stitches as it should have, so I asked about the gap and was told that its normal for there to be a gap between the stitches. I actually got the impression that they only do one stitch at the top and at the bottom and leave the rest open. Because of this, I thought all was well. There was no sign of infection or anything else that would give me cause for serious alarm over the next few days.

Yesterday that changed. Steven and I were getting out of bed, and Sharkbait came to cuddle on my lap. She was only there a minute or two, but when I got up I realized she’d left a spot of blood larger than a quarter on my pajamas. It was pretty watered down because there were other fluids mixed in. I immediately checked her and saw that her incision was oozing a bit. It should not be doing that four days after surgery, especially since it hadn’t been doing that previously; she’d had no more than a smear over the previous few days.

I freaked out.

I called the vet. They were closed. I called the vet’s cell phone, which was given in the voice mail recording in case of emergency. He didn’t answered. I called again. No answer. But his voice mail recording included a number to an emergency veterinary hospital that’s open when other vets aren’t, so I called them and told them what was going on, and they said to bring her in.

It was thankfully a quick fix; she needed everything cleaned and then more stitches. Unfortunately that meant local anesthetics and a very scared kitty, plus then they gave her an antibiotic shot in case any bacteria had gotten into the 3/4 inch hole in her stomach.

Today I got to talk to the vet who performed her surgery and cleared some things up. He hadn’t left a 3/4 inch hole, she likely yanked out one or two stitches (he couldn’t remember off the top of his head how many he’d put in) before I got a look at her and got the cone on her. Apparently if I’d left a voice mail on his cell he would have gotten back to me quickly and saved me the cost of the emergency services, but I hadn’t known that at the time. The bleeding had been light enough that an hour wouldn’t have made a difference, and the money would have been nice to save. But alas, I didn’t know, so the money has been spent.

The good news is, Sharkbait is doing much better today. The improvement is obvious now that she had the right number of stitches in. And I know that if something else happens between now and getting the sutures out, she can be treated for free if I just leave a voice mail.

Quite a Week

This week has gone terribly fast, probably because a lot has happened…and I wasn’t sick! Miracle of miracles, after how October went….

Of course, elections were Tuesday. I won’t go on a long rant, but let’s just say I’m not happy about the results. I voted for Romney, as he’s more conservative and definitely more fiscally responsible. I voted for McKenna for the same reason–I tend to vote Republican/conservative. I voted against legalizing same-sex marriage, which probably isn’t a surprise after my recent post on homosexuality. I voted against pot legalization, not so much because I have a problem with moderate marijuana smoking but because some of the laws surrounding the initiative were counterproductive to legalization. So you can see how I’m unhappy about the results.

My younger kitty, Sharkbait (the other one is Tamale) got spayed on Wednesday. Now you must understand, Tamale came to us spayed since we adopted her. Sharkbait is my very first cat I’ve had from a kitten. She’s my baby; I picked her out, she sleeps with us at night, she’s super friendly and lovable and totally cute. Her getting spayed was the first time I’ve ever been responsible for putting a pet through surgery, more or less one I love so darn much. I can handle them getting their shots, I have no problems with exams, even Tamale’s occasional blood donations don’t bother me. But I spent all of Wednesday on edge and anxious to get home to pick Sharkbait up, because a real surgery for my baby was new for me and quite harder to handle than I’d expected.

It didn’t help that when I did finally get her home, she immediately started yanking at her stitches, so my baby has to wear the cone of shame.


Yeah, poor baby. Once I went to bed, she probably spent two hours sleeping under the blankets cuddled with me. She’s improving pretty steadily now, but the cone is still on, because she’s not easily discouraged by bad tastes, scruffing, or anything else, and excessive licking of the incision or yanking on the stitching is just asking for infection and/or wound breakdown.

That same night that Sharkbait got spayed, one of my sisters-in-law found out she was pregnant with their second child. Another is already pregnant with their fifth, so by the end of next July I’ll have seven nieces and nephews. Most of Steven’s siblings are still too young and/or unmarried, and my brother is only nineteen and unmarried, so we’ll be getting lots of nieces and nephews over the years as they all get older, find a spouse, and start families. I love being an auntie! Although I think in a short while I’ll love being a mom, too. No, I’m not pregnant yet, I’m just looking forward to it.

I also decided to start bringing our diet more towards paleo. I don’t know that we’ll quite go 100%, but I recently read that even 80% will still give a lot of the benefits, especially if the remaining 20% isn’t bad. I think the occasional bowl of ice cream, plate of chicken Alfredo on a date, or bowl of oatmeal with breakfast will still happen, and we definitely have a lot of non-paleo food to go through anyways, but I see a lot of pros to a mostly paleo diet. What I see is that paleo causes a diet to be very natural, to focus on the best sources of macro-nutrients, and eliminates or reduces most stuff that people have problems with, whether the problem is as small as getting a little bloated after eating it or whether its a complete intolerance or allergy. Diets like paleo and clean eating are good in my book, because they are a way-of-life diet, not a fad diet, and they work because they make you eat healthily. is seriously my new best friend for finding recipes and food ideas.

I went food shopping today. (I know, exciting, right?) But I did pretty well shopping for primarily fruits, veggies, and lean meats, so I feel good about what’s stocked in my fridge right now.

I think I also found the gun I want to get for concealed carry (once I get the concealed carry permit, of course!). Its a .38 Ruger LCP. I like that its got more knock back than a .22 would, which is the caliber I’d have to have to go smaller. Its super tiny, only a little larger than my cell phone, smaller than my hand for sure, so its concealable even for someone tiny with tighter clothes like me. You may laugh at its size, but I’d rather a small gun than no gun, and a .38 to the heart or head will stop someone as well as a larger caliber. Need to go get my driver’s license updated before I can buy the gun and get a concealed carry permit before I can carry the gun, but I’m glad to know what I want.

Random story to share with you in honor of prostate and testicular cancer awareness month! Apparently as a joke, some guy recently took a pregnancy test. His girlfriend left it in his bathroom or something,  not sure. But it came up positive! He of course thought this was great and posted it online, where someone told him to go see a doctor because it shouldn’t do that (obviously). He took the advice, and it turned out he was starting to develop testicular cancer! Apparently testicular cancer produces the same hormone that pregnancy does! Because it was caught so early, he has a 99% chance of survival. So men, take a pregnancy test once a year! I find it completely awesome, interesting, and hilarious.

Healthy Recipe Resource

Have you ever experienced the disappointment of wanting to eat healthier, but failing repeatedly because you just didn’t have enough options? All that health food in the fridge meant nothing if you didn’t know what to do with it. I know I have.

This week I created a Facebook page called The Healthy Recipe Resource.

I’m hoping it will help people out with that particularly problem, myself included. If all you have to do to plan your healthy meals for the week is hop on Facebook and browse through a page full of tested and tried recipes, tips, and options, wouldn’t you do so? And of course, when you try something new you can share it for the benefit of the others on the page. Its a great sort of give and take.

Of course its brand new right now, so the resources are still limited, but that will change as more people like the page and start contributing to it. Please help me out by being one of them!

Yes, I Do Believe Homosexuality Is Wrong

Its a taboo topic, but I’m going to address it. There are a lot of reasons that I believe this. Some are based on my belief system, and some aren’t, so I’m going to go through them as thoroughly as I can manage in a single blog post.

The Non-Religious Reasons

Reproduction and Anatomy

This is practically the no-brainer reason. This is the birds and the bees reason. The how babies are made reason. A man and a woman make babies. Their anatomy is designed for each other. Anything else is a perversion of what is natural, an emotion- and lust-based deviance. In a lot of ways, this reason alone is enough…or at least it should be.

Natural Selection and Evolution

I am not personally a believer in macro-evolution. I think that it has major scientific flaws. But still, there is no arguing with micro-evolution and natural selection to at least some extent within a species. Quite frankly, homosexuality just doesn’t fit within that. When homosexuality does occur in nature, it is a deviance. It is not something that is bred through the generations; by nature it can’t be bred unless the homosexual population breeds heterosexually, and that’s assuming that homosexual behavior is genetic in the first place. In nature, we see that the most “manlike” males attract the mates, depending on what the most desirable male traits are. Heterosexuality is the norm.

We of course aren’t just like all other animals; we have morals, values, civilizations, which go beyond even the most sophisticated of other mammals, but we can still see that heterosexuality is how nature works for the majority of species. And in those where heterosexuality is not the norm, it is not because homosexuality is the norm, but because the species doesn’t reproduce the same way, such as with asexual species. Humans are most definitely not biologically asexual.

Born That Way

Think homosexuals are “born that way?” Think again.

Where’s the gene?

There is simply no homosexual or bisexual gene. The human genome project didn’t find it, and it still hasn’t been found. There could perhaps be a case for certain hereditary traits that could cause a person who is facing a sexual identity crisis to be more likely to decide they are homosexual, such as a man with more feminine traits, but homosexuality itself is not predetermined in the DNA the way skin color or eye color or other genetic traits are. That is also the reason why homosexuality and race are not comparable, so there is a vast difference between racism and believing homosexuality to be wrong.

The factors

There are many factors that have been identified in causing gender identity issues and homosexual tendencies, along with heterosexual sexual deviance and promiscuity. These include broken families, “mommy issues” and “daddy issues,” and sexual abuse of many sorts.  Clear, positive gender identity can be difficult to develop or can be called into question by these and other negative life experiences or circumstances, particularly experiences or circumstances directly related to gender, sexuality, and beliefs. Children raised by heterosexual parents who provide positive examples of their gender and heterosexual relationships are far less likely to become homosexual than children who are not. Many people do experience a time of questioning and seeking their identity in their life, usually in teenage years, but most ultimately choose heterosexuality.

Changing ways

Many homosexuals do not remain so. Perhaps they finally find the right person of the opposite sex who they can finally trust, or they decide its immoral, or just not for them after all, or any number of other things can happen. But there are thousands of ex-homosexuals.  There have been psychologists who have kept track of many homosexuals over a number of years, and have found that many or even all of them have reverted to heterosexuality over the years. Essentially, for many, homosexuality is a “phase.” That’s not to say that some homosexuals don’t remain so for quite a long time, of course, perhaps long enough that it seems they won’t change, but some have changed after 15, 20, even 30 years. If it were genetic, if its really “just who I am,” it would not be so changeable.

The Lifestyle

The homosexual lifestyle is highly unhealthy and promiscuous.

As support for homosexuality rises, I have to wonder whether depression and suicide rates really will go down. In the last few years we’ve come to the point where students have been expelled just for stating to another student that they believe homosexuality is wrong (which is intolerance of the student’s beliefs, but the homosexual community doesn’t usually mind quashing the freedom of speech/religion). I wonder if we will see that depression and suicide cannot be blamed on bigotry against gays as much as it has been and instead on homosexuality itself. However, that one is just my speculation at the time, I haven’t seen anything on that one.

For gay men, the highest health risk is STD’s. Even though only roughly 2% of men are homosexual, around 50% of HIV cases are homosexual males. That means that the infection rate among homosexual men is something like 50 times higher. They also account for an unusually high percentage of other STDs, particularly syphilis and gonorrhea, for their relatively small numbers. The STD rates are high enough among heterosexuals; being a homosexual male is incredibly more risky. At least in part, this is because activities like anal sex are more likely to transer HIV, and even fingering/fisting is riskier than some make is sound. Since AIDS also shortens life spans by an average of roughly 20 years, this also means that homosexuality for men can be downright deadly. Normally we would encourage our children to stay away from behavior that would potentially shorten their life by 20 years, so why are we going to tell them that homosexuality is normal, safe, and good?

STDs aren’t as big of an issue for women, although that doesn’t make STDs a non-issue. The greater risk for homosexual women is actually cancer. Lesbians and bisexual women are often more likely to detect cancers at later stages because they tend to get screened less, either because they can’t get their partner’s health insurance or because they don’t want to have to share their sexual orientation so they don’t get regular screening such as PAPs or mammograms like heterosexual women do. There is also speculation that homosexual women are more prone to behaviors that increase cancer risk and less likely to engage in behaviors that decrease cancer risk, such as breastfeeding. Whether lesbians actually have higher risk has yet to be determined by a large-scale study, and smaller studies have been at least somewhat contradictory.

The second greatest health risk for the homosexual community, men and women alike, is chemical abuse. Drug use and heavy drinking are a huge part of the homosexual lifestyle for many. Although I haven’t researched it closely, I would think it isn’t a stretch to speculate that the negative experiences or childhoods of so many homosexuals, the promiscuous lifestyle and often short relationships that happen for many homosexuals, and other factors all contribute to drug and alcohol abuse. It is hard to argue that a lifestyle that leads to such negativity, depression, and chemical abuse is a good thing.

The third highest health risk for homosexuals is abuse from other homosexuals, usually a partner. Domestic violence among homosexuals is even higher than among heterosexuals, which certainly doesn’t speak well for their long-term relationships or their ability to have healthy families. It has been hypothesized that this is often at least in part because many homosexuals have been sexually abused by the same sex, and they take out their unresolved feelings from the experience(s) on their same-sex partner.


Are homosexual marriages/domestic partnerships really equal to heterosexual marriages? If that hasn’t been brought into doubt by all the risks and unnaturalness of homosexuality already, we’ll question it now.

I’ve already mentioned that there’s quite a bit of domestic violence. In fact, homosexual-against-homosexual violence has often outstripped heterosexual-against-homosexual violence, and much of it is between partners.

Relationships also tend to be much shorter lived. Yes, there’s always that couple that’s the exception, but on average, homosexual relationships don’t last more than maybe a couple of years. They also tend to be much more open. Almost 60% of long-term male homosexual relationships had sex outside the relationship, and about 40% were ‘open’ relationships. It is true that roughly half of heterosexual relationships experience one or both spouses cheating at least once, which can often end the relationship, but most do not have frequent sex and many partners outside the relationship and don’t think its okay to do so, and an extremely smaller percentage of heterosexual couples have open relationships. Heterosexual relationships also tend to last a lot longer. There’s no pretending that even heterosexual marriage isn’t in its best shape right now, but homosexual civil unions/marriages are far worse.

That also brings up the question of stability for homosexuals seeking to adopt. Aside from domestic violence being more likely in a homosexual home, the homosexual marriage is also far less likely to last compared to a heterosexual marriage. Marriages most likely to last for life in this day and age are usually those of heterosexual couples with a shared, active faith–the praying, church-attending, Bible-reading sort of couples. This has been shown statistically. But homosexual marriages are statistically very likely to end within a few years in comparison. We all know that children are very negatively affected by divorce. The parents’ future cordiality to each other, their future relationships and marriage partners, and other factors can also contribute to how badly the divorce affects children. Considering how horrible divorce can be, is there any question that homosexual divorce, which is more inevitable, is going to be at least as bad, if not worse, than most heterosexual divorces? It is hard to encourage people to start a family when it is so likely that the family is going to be torn apart and the children badly hurt. Also, with homosexual men, the chances that one or both fathers is going to contract AIDS and die young is frighteningly high, and also cannot be good for children.


The Christian Argument

I’ve gone over at least the basics of the reasons why homosexuality just isn’t natural, safe, healthy, or positive. But most people in America today still identify themselves as Christian, so I feel it is important to address the Christian reasons before believing homosexuality to be wrong.

God knows what He’s doing

God is perfect. I don’t think most Christians would argue with that. And if they don’t think God is perfect, well, they don’t believe in the Christian God and should stop calling themselves after His Son’s name.

A perfect God doesn’t make mistakes. We make mistakes; we make lots of them, in fact. But He doesn’t. That means that if we feel that we’re the wrong gender, that’s probably a problem on the human end, not His. We can see that in how childhood or other experiences often causes gender confusion. God did not make us the wrong gender, nor did He make us attracted to the wrong gender. That does not, of course, mean that He doesn’t love those who do struggle with same-sex attraction, but all are sinners who need a Savior, and God is the Healer of all. To say that we believe God made a mistake with our gender or that He caused our wrong attraction is to say that God isn’t perfect. We will really only begin to heal when we understand that it is we who are imperfect. A number of ex-homosexuals have become so when they embraced Christ and the Bible’s teachings of Godly sexuality, which is in heterosexual marriage alone.

In the beginning, before the Fall, God made Adam and Eve. Just Adam. Just Eve. Homosexuality wasn’t an option. “Open” relationships weren’t an option. Just like it was for Adam and Eve, heterosexuality is still the natural way, and monogamy is still the right way, even if it can be a challenge. Complementary, different genders were God’s intention for us in marriage; the only alternative is Godly singleness, as Paul and Jesus and many Old Testament prophets practiced. Homosexuality is not an alternative.

The Word of God

The Bible is very clear on homosexuality, although people are trying to make it seem less so to justify lifestyles in today’s culture.

In Genesis 19, the men of Sodom want to homosexually gang-rape Lot’s guests, and it seems like a normal thing to them. Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed for their ongoing perversions the very next morning; chapter 18 had already made it clear that there would be no righteous in the city if they were destroyed, so its obvious that all who were in those cities were wicked and corrupted; even the children were being influenced to be so, which we can see when chapter 19 says that even young men ran to participate in the gang rape. The word “young” here used can mean even boys.

This is not the only place in the Bible that speaks of homosexuality being wrong.

Leviticus 18:22 “‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.”

Romans 1:26-27 “Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.”

Jude 1:7 “In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.”

Since the Bible makes it clear that homosexuality is wrong in light of God’s intention for men and women, we have to remember:

Ephesians 5:3 “But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people.”

What do we do with that?

It is wrong for Christians to hate and exclude homosexuals for being homosexual, to be sure. But neither should Christians say that homosexuality is right or God’s intention for people. Homosexuals are sinners who need a savior just like everyone else, although the sin of homosexuality might be their most obvious sin and one of the harder ones for them to acknowledge as a sin. We should understand that this is a serious sin, but that Christ conquered all sins.



Okay So…What Else?

Let’s not pretend the debate and issues stop there.

Love is all you need

Many people just want to protect love, and as long as its between consenting adults and not hurting anyone, who cares? Well, homosexuality does hurt people, we’ve already looked at that. But love isn’t enough. Love can be wrong, it can be unhealthy, it can be misdirected, it can be born of negative experiences and desires, and after what we’ve seen about homosexuality so far, we wouldn’t be loving of people if we pretended homosexual love is healthy love.

I think its also dangerous to go down the path out of heterosexual, monogamous marriage. Polygamy and similar lifestyles are already next in line behind gay marriage–that’s consent between adults, right? Even people who are in love with an animal, called zoos, are starting down the path that homosexuals started on years ago when homosexuality was no determined to no longer be classified as a psychological problem. What about consenting incestual relationships–that’s two consenting adults, too, isn’t it? Pedophilia,  especially if it involves an older child, since pedophiles usually really think they love the child? Will legal marrying age start to decrease in another twenty, fifty years, just because teenagers can consent and choose? This is not ridiculous thinking, since some of these groups are already starting down the path that homosexuals have taken towards acceptance and normalcy. If we think the family is under attack now, what will it be like for our grandchildren? And when the traditional family has been shown in study after study to be the healthiest unit for child raising, that is concerning indeed.

Gay rights don’t hurt heterosexuals

This is already proving to be wrong. Heterosexuals whose beliefs, like mine, cause them to be unable to endorse gay relationship and gay marriage face lawsuits. This is already happening in America, even though freedom of religion and speech should protect our opinions and beliefs. It is even worse in Canada, where gay marriage has gained more ground. Quebec even made an anti-gay hate register. If that doesn’t scream the start of something horrible against those who believe and speak out as I do, I don’t know what does.

The Canadian Planned Parenthood is also creating a curriculum for homosexual sex-ed, which even heterosexual children will attend and which parents may not be able to choose to pull their children out of. Such curriculums even encourage sexual promiscuity and deviance, which is not healthy for either homosexual or heterosexuals, especially since becoming sexually active, and especially sexually promiscuous, at a younger age raises risks of a number of problems and diseases.

Further, I read recently that heterosexual-affirming therapy is no longer allowed in California, even though a child or teenager who has experienced sexual abuse or assault may benefit greatly from therapy that affirms that their trauma does not mean that they are or have to become homosexual. On the other hand, homosexual-affirming therapy is legal in the same situation. Since such a small portion of the population identifies as homosexual, homosexuality often doesn’t last, it is not genetic, and it can often be traced to just such incidences in a young person’s life, it seems outrageous that a child’s heterosexuality cannot be affirmed by a therapist who is helping them through such a situation. That is not even equality for homosexuals, that is intolerance and bigotry against heterosexuals.

And This All Means?

It really goes on an on, and takes just a little bit of research to see. There are dozens, hundreds, of instances which show the negative effects of homosexuality both on homosexuals and on society, and which show how horribly the LGBT community and its supporters are attacking heterosexual rights of freedom of speech and religion. Its not really a surprise; something that is wrong has to make those who say so seem to be horrible bigots and other negative things in order to survive. The demand for “tolerance” is terribly intolerant. It is getting into our schools and bringing this unhealthy, unnatural lifestyle to our children and telling them its “normal” and even “healthy” when it is neither. I, for one, do not want that to be part of my children’s lives.


Proverbs 16:25 There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.