Trying This Gardening Thing…Organically 

I’m fairly new to this gardening thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally without knowledge and experience. I helped my mom plant flowers, saw the beauty of her roses (mulched regularly), and did indoor seed germination at school. I’ve certainly weeded before. I helped my sister-in-law start a garden when we lived with them for a few months one year.

But ultimately it’s not a lot of personal experience. Especially since the personal reward has never really been there, and I tended to abandon weeding my parents’ yard at the first sign of spiders. Can you blame me?

More so, I’ve got this ambition to be largely, perhaps totally, organic with gardening at my own home, which means I have to learn about natural solutions and buy organic supplies rather than just grabbing Miracle Grow or Slugg-o to address the needs of my growing things.

Pinterest, Google, and a few Facebook pages have been ridiculously helpful.

I’ve got a few things from the kitchen set up already.

Egg shells, like diatomaceous earth, kills slugs, snails, and low crawlers. Coffee grounds added straight acidity the soil, so it’s great for my blueberries.
Today I also picked up a bag of Epsom salt–magnesium sulfate–for a few of my plants that could use a boost, including one struggling blueberry and the veggies I planted yesterday.

Only my spinach really came up before, so hopefully I’ll have better luck this time. I also forgot about thinning said spinach when I was supposed to, so I did that yesterday too. Epsom salt is supposed to help transplant shock, so hopefully they’ll forgive me for the delayed thinning.
Hopefully there will be minimum error in my trials with organic gardening. It takes a bit more knowledge and planning to garden and control pests without fertilizers reliant on fossil fuels and indiscriminate pesticides on the plants, but hopefully it will be worth the effort.


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