The Yardwork and Family Adventures of June

Yardwork hasn’t quite come to a standstill, but it’s taken a different course since Steven was furloughed and income is limited. My flowers are blooming, which has been amazingly fulfilling. I never thought I’d be so excited about flowers.

The challenge I’ve been facing is fungus on my columbine. I removed most of the affected leaves and got Neem oil to treat it weekly, but it’s questionable whether I began treating it soon enough.











Cherries (possibly Montmorency)



Fungus on columbine leaves

I’ve also been dealing with ants. I’ve been using diatomaceous earth, which they’re taking back to their nest, so I’m hoping it’s a matter of time before enough of them die that they’ll stop invading my porch for hummingbird nectar. I’m not sure where the nest is.


Ants and diatomaceous earth

My neighbor also had fun removing the mulberry for me. I’m almost certain it was a male, which means no fruit and the potential to grow fifteen feet tall. It was in a very poor location; driveways and street sides, especially against a lamp post and beside other trees, is just not advisable. So, the neighbor used the crane on his truck to yank it out.


My mom and I also had a good time canning and freezing fifteen pounds of strawberries. We ended up with 25 cans of jam, five freezer jams, and a few bags frozen for pie filling. 


Steven’s sister also visited for the weekend with her boyfriend, which included a nerf gun for R, a movie night, jousting in the living room (R slaughtered his daddy), Father’s Day dinner at my parents’ house, and a trip to the river. R didn’t like the cold river, but I’m hoping to coax him in passed his knees with a few more trips.




R with Steven on Fathers Day


I also got crafty yesterday, and the result was colorful rocks in my butterfly puddler. I just used acrylic paint which I had on hand, and some adhesive stencils I’d gotten for another project last year. Hopefully the colors will increase the attractiveness of the garden and the puddler to butterflies and bees.

the top left blue one is my favorite